Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Busy, Busy, BUSY

This is my every day, all day word BUSY..
I haven't been able to post in about a week. I have been incredibly busy,
I was waiting anxiously for summer and the girls vacation, but having them all at home has been really hard.
Even though, as I mention before I work full time job. I'm only with the kids in the afternoons but BELIVE ME its been hard.
All last week I was working 10 hours a day and going home really tired. I now wish school starts fast.
The weekend was really good,
We live in southern California down by the border to Mexico, we are out in the rural area.
It takes us about 45minuts to an hour to get to town, or at least I should say the closest shopping center,  Lovely my oldest daughter loves to go shopping but HATES the ride she would rater not go any ware as long as she doesn't have to be in the car so long. as for the baby's as soon as the get in the car the nap like they never ever nap at home.
Here are some pic. of the ride

Another update is that the boy's are crawling FANALY!!
They are just all over the house. About tow weeks ago they were just getting in position, but because of there weight I did not think they would crawl so fast.. This makes my life easier and harder at the same time. Easier because the are on there own exploring everything and they don't want me to hold them that much, but harder because they are into EVERITHING and I mean EVERITHING, putting every little tiny thing of anything in there mouth and pulling, touching, everything
I cant imagine how it will be when they start walking..


Now that I was up loading pictures a saw some from Christmas, that I would like to share with you
since I just started this blog, so that you can see how small the twins were.. they were PREMIES!!
and now at 10 months they are SO!! big they are using 2T size clothing.
And also so that you get familiar with my family .

Friday, July 5, 2013

Working on July 5 Sucks!!

Yes.. I had to work on July 5th..

Wile my hubby and the kids are at home :((

Oh well that's the way it goes,

Yesterday we had a great holiday, We went to Viejas Outlet.
Its pretty cool, (even though its a casino)
They have what they call an Interactive fountain for kids and after that, they had a 4th of July show that was also great.
So after the kids plaid in the water in the HOT weather we staid to watch the show..

And guess what??? I FORGOT my CAMARA :((

I try to keep everything in mind but some times its impossible.. with an 8 year old, a 5 year old and 9 month twins its impossible. Some times I don't know how I manage to do everything with out going crazy..
I thing no one know what it is, if they are not going through the same thing..
Even though Pete helps me a lot with everything, he make sure we have everything under control, that we have everything we need.
We made our bags with bathing suits, sun block, towels, double dippers and SO much more, its like if we are going to a week's vacations..
I don't imagine my self with out Pete's help..

Any way here is a pic. I got from there web page just for you to get an idea.. of the fountain.

And as for today, I hope Pete enjoys the kids and I hope for a wonderful week end..

 Here is a picture of the boy's before running out the house on July 4th.

Also this reminds me something I wanted to share with you..

They have their own crib almost next to each other (baby's changer is in-between)
I always had them on their own crib at night and during the day.
Thinking that at night if one wakes up he would wake up the other one, but last week I kept them together in the same crib and you wouldn't believe it!!! what a surprise!! they sleep WAY better together and as for the day the enjoy so much being in the same crib playing together.
I really don't know WHY I never tried it before. So from that day there sleep together..

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Catching Up

Hi All,
Its been busy these past days for me. But over all a good week end.

We live really close to the border to Mexico about less than a mile. We go back an forth during the week and on the week ends.
We have a lot of family there. My husband and family have a baseball team there and they play 2 or 3 times during the week. Saturday we had a game at 8pm so off we went..
USUALLY we leave our car parked on the US side of the border and walk across because of the LONG wait lines to come across in the car. This Saturday we were running late so we decided to cross our car and go strait to the ball game. Our Team won!! It was really fun we get together with all our family members and we cheer to our team. The weather was great.
Right now its so hot were we are, so by that time it was cool.  By the time the game ended it was about 10pm. we headed to the border line and we were shocked there was so many cars waiting. but we got in line. The border closes at 11pm and re opens at 5am.. well to make the story short the border doors closed and we were only 2 cars from crossing (AAAHHGG!!!) we had to spend the night there and come across on Sunday Morning. Thank good I had enough formula dippers etc. etc. to manage to spend the night with 4 little ones.
But we did pretty good we staid at my mothers house.

Sunday we staid home all day really HOT day by the way..
Here are some pictures of the girls and boys out in the trampoline..


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A little about me

I decided to start this blog, because I recently goggled Brachycephaly ..
and ended up reading an entire mommy blog that I loved..
So I decided to start one of my own, even though this is my very first blog ever in my life. I'm not really good at writing but I decided to record some of my life. Maybe at some point I might want to remember happy or maybe sad moments in my life that I can come back and read.

So about me
I'm Susy a 25 year old mom. I started really early in my life.. I have a wonderful husband Pete. We got married almost 10 years ago. I have 2 beautiful princesses Lovely and Clarissa. And TWIN!! boys Anthony and Austyn. I grew up in Mexico but have several years living in Southern California.
My life basically is work for 8 hours a day, go home cook, enjoy my baby's and husband, work out (just started) do some laundry and get prepared for the following day.. and much more but basically that is it..
I tried to keep in mind and not to forget my camera but I did, I will TRY not forget it tomorrow that way this blog can look and feel more human haha. I'm always on the go.. running here running there.. the only time I'm sitting is at work. I work in a customer service department attending calls all day. I  love my job. I really enjoy what I do and its really close to home. I drive about a mile to get to work.
I guess this is all for the day..

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hi All,
This is my first time writing a blog, I'm new to all this. I will start playing with this page for a bit to get the hang of it, and learn how to blog..